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1,119 tons of galvanized coils arrived in HK

In April, our company negotiated cooperation with a Hong Kong customer and reached a partnership. On May 20, the customer received 1,119 tons of galvanized coils produced by our company as scheduled.

Port loading

1119 tons gi coils project

Client Background

The customer has his own factory in Hong Kong. After the payment in early April, he visited our workshop in person at the end of April to see the production line work.

Customer arrives at the factory

Customers visit the warehouse

Galvanized coil workshop visit

He participated in the QC process with the QC department, including the zinc layer thickness test, and also the width measurement of galvanized coils, and also visited our hot dipped galvanized coil production line, such as coiling and packing.

WanZhi GI Coil Packaging

Z275 zinc layer detection

Zinc Thickness Measurement

During the inner packing and outer packing process, he not only recognized our serious working attitude, but also appreciated the beauty of the zinc flower on the surface of the galvanized coils, and also witnessed the strength of our company, and the customer said that we are really trustworthy.

Our salesperson

Internal kraft paper packaging

External packaging hoisting

Marking after tying

Visit the headquarters

Then we visited our Zhengzhou office headquarters with our salesmen. We sent them flowers, and of course, they received the warmest applause and the sweetest smiles. In the evening, the customer participated in the camping barbecue party with us. This time The activities made customers feel that we are a warm steel company. We have integrated into a big family, with laughter and laughter, and customers feel more cordial.

Company photo

Customers come to our office

Camping and BBQ with clients

Galvanized coils Cooperation process 

At the beginning of the cooperation, he and the salesman had detailed communication with our technical staff. After understanding the customer’s project requirements and usage scenarios, we provided him with an exclusive solution.

big spangle

regular spangle

Wanzhi Regular Spangle

regular spangle coil

In the end, the product the customer ordered from us was galvanized The steel coil size is 0.6*1200mm, and the surface treatment method is Z275 + Oiled + Not Chromated + Big Spangle, Z275 + Dry + Chromated + Regular Spangle, a total of 1119 tons.

approval of the products ordered

Visit to Steel Coil Warehouse

Group photo of salesmen and clients

Happy cooperation

The following are the production details of this cooperation.

WanZhi GI Coil Warehouse And Workshop

Hot dip galvanized rolled

Visit to roll-forming equipment

GI steel in coils

Inspection before shipment by WanZhi QC department

Zinc flower inspection

width measurement

Customers and technicians

Label and mark on galvanized coil

attach labels


Galvanized Coil Shipment

GI coils for Hong Kong customers


Min Jiang MA17


Customer Pickup

the arrival

GI coils arrive

Galvanized Coil Arrival

Shipments in batches

Customer picks up goods

1119 tons of galvanized coils arrived

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Here is a video, which was taken at our factory. It shows the profiling process of GI and GL Coils.

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